To-Do list

Get the Job Done!

Tasks company inc

Your set up, structured

Huma's task function makes planning and conducting each employee's HR-year very easy. Appraisal interviews, to-do lists, check-ins, salary negotiations and employee surveys - however you want plan out the year, Huma is here to help you with overview and reminders.


Get Stuff Done

Huma will remind you of your to-dos and make sure you always have control of what needs to be done. Create a task and delegate, set a deadline and get an overview of whatโ€™s done and whatโ€™s not.


Easy to Plan, Easy to Complete

A list over completed and upcoming tasks makes it easy to keep track and to give the right person the right responsibility.




"Our main focus in Fieldwork is to have brave, caring and positive people in our culture and that they can live and act our brand purpose "challenge the ordinary". Huma makes our life easier so we can focus even more and better on our people and our purpose"