Seamless Integrations

Let your HR-system speak to the rest of your tools

In order to be easier to use and easier to like, we think your HR-system needs to be integrated with the other systems you use. 

If you have request on other tools Huma should integrate with, please let us know at



With Slack integration, you can reach your people where they are, for example, when a new article is published. This allows more people to get the important updates--in the right context. 


Integration with Tripletex is a simple way to import and sync employees between your organization in Huma and your Tripletex account.



Webhooks allows you to send information from Huma to any other system. This means that you can link Huma more closely to the other tools you use. 


Microsoft SSO

Simplify logins and distribute the app across your company. Login made easy for everyone in your organization.

Google SSO

Simple login for the entire organization. Log in using your work email.