All of Your Personnel Documents.
In one spot.

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Gain Controll

Gather all your documents in one spot. Employment contracts, policies, deals and NDAs. All of this can be gathered and stored in Huma.


These are sensitive documents that everyone needs to trust are handled correctly. You set up the access, and everything is both safely stored and easily accessible.


Right Document, Right Place

The documents you upload to Huma can be shared to groups, departments or locations. Or they can be tied to one employee. Itโ€™s up to you. With Huma, the right document's in the right spot at any time.




"Huma has been a super easy way for us to make sure that personal information (like Contracts etc) remains just that -personal -BUT still accessible by both the person it is related to and the person that is responsible for following up. We are eagerly awaiting coming features!โ€