Here is what's new in Huma for January!

We're happy to be back after some time well spent with family and friends during Christmas and celebrating the new year. This however doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work delivering even more value for you. To highlight a crowd favourite, this month we release Custom Fields. This means you can further tailor Huma to specifically meet your business needs. Want to know what your employees favourite colour is, or what shoe size they need? Now you can put this information straight into your master data. 

Here's what we have been up to the last couple of weeks:

Custom profile fields

custom-fields_ENWe're always aiming to cover your needs and help you in your everyday life. But everyone has different needs and even for us it's impossible to cover all cases. So with us releasing custom profile fields, you'll be able to customize your personnel data exactly the way you need it.

  • What shoe size are you? 
  • What are sensitive topics or triggers for you? 
  • How did you feel about the end of Game of Thrones?

You know best what kind of information you need about your employees, and now you can put it straight into Huma.

If you're a system administrator, go check it out in the system settings.


Custom workdays

custom-workdays_ENEveryone isn't working Monday–Friday. So, if you use Absence in Huma, you can now set up custom workdays when creating work schedules.

If you're an absence administrator, go check it out in the Absence settings.



Handbook notifications


Just released your Handbook in Huma? Now you can easily notify everyone with access to it!

Did you write a new topic in the Handbook that you want your people to read? Give them a ping on their phone about it.

Vacation period is closing in and you know there will be questions about this. Well, now you can trigger a notification with a link to the Vacation category of your handbook


Better descriptions for system permissions

descriptions_ENHuma's permission system is very flexible, but that doesn't really matter if it's difficult to understand how it works. That’s why we've now added better descriptions to each permission.

If you're a system administrator, go check it out in the system settings.


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