Here is what's new in Huma for August!

We’re happy to be back from a wonderful summer break, and most of us had a couple of weeks away from the computer. The main focus since has been to extend our absence module with more functionality. We are also preparing for some exciting things happening in a couple of weeks. More about that next month. 

Here is what we have been up to the last couple of weeks:

Absence quota 

absence quota

Everyone can now see how many vacation days they have left. This is controlled in, what we call, a policy that is applied to an absence type. The policies define the rules for all the different absence types available.

And here is the cool part - it’s very flexible and you can tweak the rules to match your company - and of course - we give great default settings.

👋 Example: Do you have employees in different countries that require different rules for how many vacation days they are allowed to take out? No problem - just create a separate vacation policy and assign it to them in seconds.

We are planning to extend the absence even more with rollover days and custom working days. Do you have any feedback or input - please reach out.


Document sharing

share doc

Until now, you could only share documents with either a specific person or everyone in the company. But since companies are complex and often grouped into smaller pieces like teams, projects, locations, countries and departments, wouldn’t it be handy to be able to share documents with one or two of these groups? Now it’s possible! 

👋Example: When sharing a document, you can now choose to share it with HR. Members of the HR team will have access to the document - both in the team view but also in their own document list. 

We have also extended the filter options, and it’s now easier to find the document you are looking for.

In addition to that, there have been general improvements all over.  If you have any input or feedback that will make Huma better and easier to use - please let us know. 

Until next time: Take care 😁👋

With love

The product team w/ Jono ✌️




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