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What is Huma?

We are making technology for the most valuable part of any business. The people.

Huma is a new HR system that focuses on easy of use and makes it intuitive for companies to work smarter.


With Huma you can:

  • Register and handle employee and organisation master data.
  • Share documents with individual employees or your entire company.
  • Publish internal news to secure important information reach your workforce and at the same time build culture.
  • Manage the key-qualifications within your company and make sure they are up to date, documented and act proactive regarding renewing qualifications.
  • Create tasks and get an overview of completed/uncompleted tasks 
  • Get Insight into key demographics of the workforce
  • Integrate seamlessly to Tripletex 
  • Manage access so that the correct personell have access to the correct data
  • Be sure your data are safe and according to GDPR

Huma came together in 2019 and we are currently a team of dedicated employees who love a good challenge while having a great time. Our ambition is to become a leading B2B software within our industry and our mobile offering is at our strategic forefront.


HR systems are also referred to as HRM-systems (Human Resource Management)  and HCM-systems (Human Capital Management)