How to work with employee onboarding

Understand how to use Huma for employee onboarding, create and edit templates, assign tasks and add due date.

You need a System Role to: 

  • Create, change and delete onboarding templates
  • Start a new onboarding
  • See all ongoing onboarding processes and connected tasks
The relevant permissions is "Users", General (which the default "Admin" role contains)

You need a User role to:

  • See ongoing onboarding processes limited to those users you have a role for (i.e. Manager for Oslo location, then you will see all ongoing onboarding processes and connected tasks for the Oslo location)
The relevant permissions is "Onboarding tasks" (which the default "Manager" role contains)

All users can edit any task they are responsible for/assigned, without having a specific role. And they will of course receive notifications (email/push) from Huma as well based on their preferences.

This is how you add a new template:

  • Click Onboarding in left menu
  • Click Templates in top menu
  • Click Add onboarding template

Now you can add tasks with a due date (number of days before/after first workday),  and assign a responsible person  (a dedicated person or the new hire).

Create onboarding template

This is how you duplicate an onboarding template:

  • Click the three dots on the right side of an existing template
  • Click Duplicate
  • Edit the name of the new template and start modifying the template

Duplicate an onboarding template

This is how you edit an existing template:

  • Click the template you want to edit
  • Start modifying the new template
    • Add or remove tasks
    • Adjust due dates and/or responsible person

Please note that already started onboarding processes will not be affected by changes to the template, only future onboarding processes will be affected.


Edit an onboarding template

This is how you start an onboarding:

  • Click onboarding in the left menu
  • Click New onboarding
  • Add new hire og choose an already existing user
  • Add the required information about the new hire and add to a team and/or location
  • Select the template you want to use for this particular person
  • Press Continue
  • You will now see an overview of the different tasks, due dates and responsible. You can modify, add or remove tasks if that is required for this particular onboarding
  • Click Start Onboarding
    • You will need to confirm and also choose if the new hire should be invited immediately or not
start an onboarding


This is how you view the status of ongoing onboarding processes:

  • Click Onboarding in the left menu
  • You now see an overview of the employees being onboarded
    • The employee name
    • The progress in percentage
    • The first workday
  • If you want to look closer at a specific employees onboarding status, click the name om the employee and you will see a detailed overview

onboarding overview