Transfer absence days

Transfer days from one absence period to another


To make transfers you need the system permission 'Absence management', which is included in the default 'System admin role'

How to make a transfer

  1. Navigate to the absence tab on the employees profile
  2. Click the absence type you want to make the transfer on. This will bring up the balance details for the current period.
  3. Navigate to the period you want to transfer from and click 'Transfer days'.
    transfer 1
  4. Choose which period you want to transfer to and how many days that should be transferred. Add a note if you like, this will be visible to the employee. Click Save
    transfer 2

Activate absence transfer on a policy

All Vacation policies have absence transfer activated  by default.

To access these settings:

  1. Go to absence settings
  2. Open up an absence type and click Edit on a policy
  3. At the bottom you will have a switch for activating/inactivating transferring of days 
    Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 14.54.28