How to work with Qualifications in Huma?

Understand the basics of our Qualifications module

This is how you add a new qualification:

How to add a new certification

This is how you can connect a qualification to a person:

connect a qualification to a person

This is how you add a certification to Your qualifications:

Add cerrtificate to your qualifications

This is how quickly identify issues with your qualifications by using filters:

Go to All qualifications and click on the specific qualification you want to have a look at.

You can now filter on the following statuses:

  • Missing documentation
  • Expired
  • No expiry date
  • Expiring soon (expiring within less than 90 days)

Filtering qualifications

In the example above we filter on the status "Expiring soon" and viewing only the qualifications expiring within within less than 90 days.

Please note: The qualifications module is only available for users on the Enterprise subscription.