How to keep employee data after people leave the company

When an employee leaves the company, it is important to save their information while still maintaining privacy and limiting access to administrators.

As part of this process, one crucial step is to deactivate their account. 

You need a System role with Full access to User management to be able to manage account status

Deactivate a user

  1. Navigate to the users profile
  2. Deactivate the user from the three dots to the right (1). When the employees last workday is passed you can deactivate the user directly from the profile page (2).

When deactivating:

  • Your organization will not be billed for the user from the next billing date
  • The user is only visible to administrators with Full access to User management
  • The user will be logged out and lose login access to the organization (can take up to 15 minutes if they are logged in)
  • All fields on the profile will be locked for editing, so make sure they're all up to date
  • Documents owned by the user that haven’t been transferred to a new owner before deactivation, will be viewable for those who have access, but won’t be editable or deletable
    How to transfer document ownership
  • Meetings with status Draft and Open where the user is host will be deleted. If someone is taking over these meetings, make sure the user is changing the host before getting deactivated
  • An ongoing offboarding and it's tasks  will still be accessible after the user has been deactivated. But keep in mind that the deactivated user wont have access to their tasks in Huma
  • Except for New employees this year, New employees last year and Employees not started yet, the user is not reflected in Insights

Reactivate a user

Reactivating a user is also made from the dots in the top right corner. When reactivating you can send them a welcome message. Note that it will be sent to their work email.

When reactivating:

  • Your organization will be billed for the user from the next billing date
  • The user will be able to login to the organization
  • Profile fields will be editable again
  • Other users will regain access to the user profile