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How to download the Huma App?

Where do you find the Huma app on App Store and Google Play?

For App Store (iOS):

  • Go to the App Store > press download
  • Open the app > Press get started > Choose your preferred language > Select "we are already on Huma"
  • Enter your organization's login address: i.e. companyname.hu.ma > Press continue
  • Log in with the Google or Microsoft and you now you are up and running!
    • You can also login with an e-mail address that registered in Huma       
    • Press retrieve unique code. You will now receive a six-digit code sent by email

For Google Play (Android):

  • Go to Google Play Store 
  • Press Get started > choose language and We are already on Huma
  • Type your organisations login address (companyname.hu.ma)
  • Use your Google or Microsoft account or an e-mail that will send you an unique code
  • Now you are done 🎉 


Contact administration if you are not allowed to log in.