How to add people to Huma

Understand how to add one person or multiple persons in Huma

How to add a person:

Add person

  • Go to People
  • Click Add person
  • Fill the details for that person and press continue
  • The person is created ✅

How to add multiple people to Huma:

Import multiple
  • Click Add multiple if you want to register more at once.
  • Choose to download a Simple or Detailed Import File Template
  • Fill out the sheet with data
  • Save as .xlsx and upload your file, now you are done 🎉
If anything is wrong (i.e. an email is missing), Huma will tell you that one or more persons cannot be added > click Show errors to see the reason.

How to add people via Integration 

Import via Integration

  • Click Add people
  • Click Import using an Integration
  • Choose your integration and continue in the steps here


Please note: Only users with an Admin user role or equivalent will be able to add people.