How does the Employee contract module work?

Get a quick introduction to how you can create employee contracts

  • Start by clicking "New  employee contract".
  • Consider if you want to create the contract based on Norwegian or Swedish legislation.
  • Do you want to create a contract connected to a person already existing in Huma or from scratch.

Employee contract 11

Answer the different questions asked in the wizard about the content in the employee contract. The logic in Huma will make sure to ask relevant questions, based in your choices and answers.

Remember that you can always click "Show contract" if you want to see how the contract will appear "on paper".

Employee contract 2

When you have completed the wizard, have a look at the final result.

You can download it (PDF) or add it directly to Huma Documents and give the document a name, set correct access and specify who the contract regards .

Employee contract 3

If you want, you can also add your signature (on behalf of the employer), directly in the wizard, it will save you some additional time.

Remember that only users with certain Roles can create employee contracts.