Absence types

How to work with absence types

You need a System role with Full access to Absence to be able to manage absence types.



In Huma there are 7 absence types:

  • Vacation
  • Self-certification
  • Sick leave
  • Paid time off
  • Unpaid time off
  • Sick child
  • Parental leave

How to edit an absence type

1. Go to Absence settingspolicies - settings


2. Scroll down and find the absence type you want to edit and click Edit absence type

policy - add-1


3. Fill in desired settings and click Save

Icon — Choose an icon and a color that will be associated with this absence type

Display as — Determines how everyone without admin access sees registered absence of this type

Require approval — If required, a manager’s approval is necessary for absences of this type

Require end date — If not required, a registration can be set to run until it is manually stopped by setting an end date

Include option for work related cause — Will enable the option to flag the absence’s cause as work related