Product update: What's new in Huma

It's June and we are heading into summer, but before we lube up with suncream, here is a tiny update from our Product Team. We have have some news from Huma!

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  • Categorisation of documents
  • Anniversaries in the app!

Categorisation of documents


Documents have been part of Huma since the beginning. And many people like to have all HR documents gathered in one safe, secure place that is accessible on the devices you use the most. But with so many documents in one place, finding your way to the right one can be difficult.



"I think today's solution is a bit untidy as I have access to most documents”



 That’s why Huma now comes with categorisation possibilities, making documents easier to find.

Now you can easily upload and tag documents with a category to make finding them quicker and easier in future. Here's one possible set of groups: 

  • Employment contracts
    • All employment contracts and any attachments
  • Salaries and bonuses
    • Salary letters, wage agreements, bonuses; maybe pay slips too in the long run?
  • Certificates and agreements
    • Do you have declarations of confidentiality, police certificates or certificates of good conduct?
  • Guidelines and instructions
    • Maybe the staff manual, user guides, guidelines or other type of instructions?
  • Careers and development
    • CVs, references, KPIs or other documents to do with employee development.
    • Remember too that you can also upload documents to a registered competence or skill – you can read more about this here (competence module)
  • Deviations and notifications
    • Deviation documents, written warnings or other notifications
  • General documents
    • Everything that does not fit into the other categories can be catalogued here.

“If you have lots of documents, it would be great to be able to filter the document list, i.e. by who they’re about or who they’re shared with.



Well, documents can now be "tagged" with the person they apply to, and they are only ever shared with those you choose, ensuring the right people have the right access at all times.

And another thing... Soon you’ll also have the opportunity of sharing documents with team members and locations. 

And if you have any thoughts or ideas for improvements, we’ll be very happy to hear from you!

Birthdays in your pocket!


A few months ago, we launched Anniversaries in Huma and it has been very well received. From now on, you can also check whose birthday it is on your way to work. Just open the app and scroll down a bit there you’ll find an easy-to-read overview of whose birthday it is and who has an anniversary in the company.

Remember to celebrate what can be celebrated!

We are always interested in hearing your feedback and ideas. Email if you have any thoughts or questions! We will get back to you as soon as we see your email!

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