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The technology driving your HR-system may be very complicated. That doesn't mean that it has to be difficult to use. The software should be easy to understand and use. In this article, we’re taking a dive into Huma to see how it works. 

We have talked with, interviewed and user tested everything we’ve made with hundreds of managers, HR-execs and other employees - because every part of Huma should be easy to use and create value for you and your business. 

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People - the heart of every HR-system

First and foremost: a HR-system is neither HR or a system if it isn't organizing and taking care of information about your employees. It’s easy to start with Huma, whether you want to fill in just a bit of information or all of it. Make it easy with one of our import templates and upload it to Huma. 

One of digitalizations goals is to let everyone update their personal information on their own. Huma is made for everyone, and that is why it’s so easy for all of your coworkers update their own information - either on a computer or in the palm of your hand with Huma’s mobile app. 

As an admin you have total control over what the different people can open and edit. You can either use one of our predefined standard roles or you can make your own business structure. Privacy is increasingly important and this is just as relevant at work as at home. Huma gives you total control of this. 

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Organizing - Huma works just like you

An HR-system must work like you do, to be as valuable as possible.

Huma will organize your business however you want, whether you work with different departments, teams og if you have offices spread across the country (or even the world). That makes Huma one of the most flexible HR-systems out there - and that’s clever in a time where organizational structure changes every day. 


Documents - everything in one place

Huma’s module Documents lets you keep all of your employees personal information safe in one spot. Contracts of employment, paychecks, minutes of meetings or anything you want. You upload it to a tidy folder structure - either private documents tied to one person, goals for a department or information relevant to the whole organization. 

Huma brings suggestions on who has access to a document and you can adjust the access filters.

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To do lists and on boarding - get stuff done

Huma’s task function makes it easy to plan out and complete the year in HR for every employee. Appraisal interviews, employment processes, check-ins, salary negotiations and employee surveys - Huma helps you with overview and reminders no matter how you choose to plan out the year.



We at Huma believe that the competence in businesses should be ever evolving and that you will improve when you have control over both formal and informal competence. You can have different categories of expertise that suits your business. It’s easy to keep track of documentation requirements (certificates, driver’s licenses, etc.) and you can easily put on an expiration date if necessary. 

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News - HR is more than duties

If HR is more than duties, shouldn't your HR-system also be more? Huma’s News module is one of the things that make Huma different and a system people actually use. 

You may already use intranet, Teams, e-mail or Slack, but News will forever be something different. One place where you share important information about new internal guidelines, new routines or just a friendly greeting from the boss. Don’t let important messages get lost, but let your employees know where to find it. 

Good communication is easy with Huma! 👇

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