Huma is born to be mobile - how does that affect you?

According to Consumer Technology Association, there are more people who own a cellphone than there are people who own a toothbrush. Let’s take a look at why mobile experiences are so important to succeed with HR-softwares.

As initially mentioned: there are more people with a cellphone than a toothbrush in the world. Let that sink in. 

This example (although it may seem banal) says a lot about how important it is to prioritize mobile platforms. There are a few factors that play in when you want to succeed with mobile technology, but there’s especially one thing that we think is underrated. How does a solution feel on mobile platforms? The cellphone has evolve to be an extension of ourselves - an extra body part if you will. We use the little device for everything, whether it be as a cookbook, calendar or a work tool. There’s an app for everything. For HR too.

A new survey shows that we use our cellphone for a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes every day. For millennials, the number is even higher with 5 hours and 42 minutes. The sheer amount however is not what is interesting. What’s really important is how many times we check our phones a day. 


The surveys also found that we check our phones a staggering 58 times a day. Do the math and you’ll see that it results in a bit more than three minutes every time we use the phone. 

So how good does the mobile solution has to be to get people to use it? 

An easy answer to an easy question: it has to be very good! You only have two seconds to get the users attention, according to Google. You have to shave off as many seconds of loading time as possible, as well as eliminate as many introductory steps as you can. The modern person’s attention span is simply too short to wait for a service or a tool to start. 

That’s why we have prioritized mobile compatibility from the first code line when we developed Huma. We are in fact tailoring it to every device you use.

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You can find Huma as native apps for both iOS and Android. And last but not least: both are of course included in all of Huma’s packages. 

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Source from kommandotech and Google

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