Huma continues into the summer

It's June, and here comes Huma's latest major release before the summer. This version is one that many of you have been waiting for, and we are excited to get this into your hands.

Competence Gap analysis

In a world where knowledge is the key to success, Huma has taken our innovative competence management solution to new heights! We understand the importance of competence, which is why we provide you with the tools you need to discover, develop, and manage all the expertise in your organization.

With Huma, you can easily map and identify knowledge gaps at the individual, group, or company level. Whether it's informal or formal expertise, you can rest assured that our flexible and user-friendly technology is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals - just like the rest of Huma.

For your organization, it's about keeping up and not falling behind in the competition.
For your dedicated employees, it's about the motivation to learn throughout their lives!
And for you who must handle all of this, it's about having the most modern and user-friendly tool that is easy to use and easy to like.

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Huma's Competence Gap tool pairs perfectly with our Competence and 1-on-1 meeting module.


And we also manage to include these things:

Integration with Crona Lön 🇸🇪
Select users when syncing with integrations
Easier selection of individuals
Import and keep track of multiple Equipment
Import a Handbook
Inactive account 🙈

Integration with Crona Lön 🇸🇪


We now have a new plug-and-play integration with one of Sweden's most comprehensive payroll systems: Crona Lön. Crona Lön is an ERP and payroll system that helps many companies with payroll and much more.

If you use Crona Lön, you can easily connect your account with Huma, and say goodbye to cumbersome manual processes.

When employees update their information, the updates will now be automatically synchronized with Crona Lön. This makes things much easier and, most importantly, avoids errors and ensures good data quality.

Read more about how it works and how you can set it up here

You don't use Crona Lön? 

No problem! We have already developed some plug-and-play integrations with the most popular payroll systems such as Fortnox, Xledger, Payroll, Poweroffice Go, Tripletex and more.

Do you have input on a system you would like us to integrate with? Add your suggestion here

Select users when syncing with integrations


Are you using one of our integrations? Do you have users in the payroll system who should not be created in Huma? Or do you have users in Huma who should not go into other systems? No problem - now you can easily choose who should synchronize in the integration.


Easier selection of individuals

With filters, it's even easier to select individuals, teams, and locations in Huma.

For example, when creating a task, adding a role, sharing documents, scheduling an employee conversation, or adding skills or equipment, you can now easily find the people you want.


Import equipment from Excel


Do you use Excel or another system to keep track of key cards, phones, tools, cars, laptops, or anything else your employees have been issued? Bring it all into Huma - now with just a few clicks - by filling out the import template. All equipment will then be created, sorted, and assigned to the right people. Notifications will be sent out when equipment needs to be renewed.

This is a small but time-saving feature that will make life a little easier.

Import a handbook


Are you part of a corporation and want to use the same handbook? Do you have someone helping you with HR work in the company?

Now you can build up a Handbook, export it, and import it directly into another organization.


Inactive account 🙈

account status_en

Offboardings are natural parts of an organization; people change jobs, and they move. Things happen. But often it's good to be able to retain information about the employee after they have left.

Instead of having to export all personal data, you can now finally keep the user in the system as inactive! Inactive individuals will only be visible to user administrators.

This is one of the most requested features so far - and we're happy it's out. Please let us know what you think about it.

Thank you for all the feedback you provide - both in meetings, face-to-face, and in writing. We greatly appreciate your engagement. Keep it up.

At Huma, we wish you all a wonderful summer - and we look forward to continuing to make your 1/3 (your time at work) a little easier.

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