Here is what's new in Huma for October!

We hope the autumn is treating you well! Here is a little peek into what we’ve been busy with lately. We built a new integration with Xledger, so information is updated across platforms instantly! A little Webhooks magic now makes it easy to send all of your absence data to other systems. And we take a deep dive into how to get the most our of the Meetings module! Because 1-on-1s are important, we just make them easier! 

Here is what we have been up to the last couple of weeks:


Xledger + Huma = true

We have a new integration: Xledger 💥

In a matter of seconds, you can set up the integration between your Huma organization and your Xledger account. Say goodbye to expensive consultants and bad user experience. 👋

Everyone in your company can now keep their profile up-to-date in Huma and their data will automatically - within seconds - be sent to your Xledger account. ⚡️

Learn more about Xledger
See all our integrations.


Absence data from Huma sent instantly to your other systems

If you’re using another system, like accounting/payroll/time tracking, you can now have Huma automatically send absence data--in real time--to that system.

No more manual export and punching in data and numbers 🥳

Read more about Webhooks in Huma here



1-on-1s are important!

In Huma, we aim to make important things easier to do. This is our take on 1-on-1s or employee appraisals (or whatever you want to call them!)  Here you can deep dive into the meetings module with Jonathan, our Senior Product Designer, and explore all the new feature updates. 




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