Here is what's new in Huma for February!

As February draws to a close, signs of spring are in the air. Here at Huma, we have been hard at work and are ready to show off Absence rollover! Are you worried about what will happen with your unused vacation days? Fear no more! 

Plus we translated the Swedish personnel handbook templates for your convenience, and did various maintenance and bug fixes. Happy spring reading!

Here's what we have been up to the last couple of weeks:

Absence rollover

Are you worried about what will happen with your unused vacation days? Or, do you wish to save some vacation time for the coming year? Maybe you need to adjust the days available for some reason? With Huma, you no longer need to stress over these concerns.

Your manager can now effortlessly transfer your unused vacation to the next year, providing you with greater flexibility.

Let your employees use their unused vacation days when they need them the most, whether it's for personal reasons or emergencies.

Absence rollover is a great way for employers to show their commitment to employee well-being, attract and retain top talent, and promote a healthy work environment. For employees, it provides greater flexibility, control, and peace of mind in managing their time off.

This is how it works: 

  1. Open “Vacation” under “Balance”
  2. Select the period you will transfer days from
  3. Select “transfer days”
  4. Set number of days to transfer
  5. Click “Transfer days” and you’re done!

In this release you will also be able to manually adjust the days available which can be useful when hiring someone in the middle of the year.

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Swedish handbook translated into English

Hi there, those of you with English-speaking employees in Sweden: The Swedish personnel handbook has now been translated into English and is available for you to use!

This template covers most aspects of employment law, employee benefits, workplace policies, and much more, and best of all - it can be customized to your business.

Add it to your handbook and share it with employees in Sweden.

Read more about the handbooks here



Get your numbers right!

Want clean numbers in your HR analytics? Got consultants or part-time employees you don’t want included in your HR analytics? Huma got your back! 

Now you can easily customize which employees go into all your insights in Huma. Our job is to make it easier for you, and we just did!

  1. Go to the employees profile you want to exclude from Insights
  2. Find the three dots ···  in the top right corner
  3. Choose: “Exclude from Insights” and you’re done! 



Hooked on webhooks? We are!

Webhooks allows you to send information from Huma to any other system. 

This means that you can link Huma more closely to the other tools you use. Now you can include custom fields in the webhook, making your Huma account customized to your needs and make any data about your employees flow seamlessly between your systems. 

Want to know more about Webhooks? Read here and here



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